The Alder Social Media Report: 5 Volumes of Insight!

Social media in Nigeria just got exciting with the official launch of the Alder Social Media Report, the definitive report on social media in Nigeria. The report comes in 5 volumes: Top Rated Social Media Brands, Social Media & Governance, Social Media & Business, Social Media, Technology & Ethics and Social Media & Culture. Whether as an individual or a corporate organisation, the Alder Social Media Report is a light on our path to going digital with the rest of the world.

The Alder Social Media Report was formally presented at Social Media Week with the theme, Alder Social Media Report: Brands, Trends and Insights. The event held in Lagos from 3pm – 4pm on February 17, 2014. With the hashtag #SMWAlder, the relaxed, informal, participatory gathering had a robust panel of experts.

Leke Alder, Principal of Alder welcomed guests with his keynote address. In the audience were stakeholders from banking, politics, telecoms, entertainment, ICTs, health and fitness, non-profit and others.








Leke Alder, Principal of Alder Consulting

There was a multimedia display of 15 interesting facts about the Alder Social Media Report. Insights include the fact that there are reportedly 48 million Nigerians on Social Media and that Nigerian political parties will spend an estimated N1.3 billion ($7.6M) on Social Media this year alone. Video presentations were made by Morin Oluwole, Business Lead/Chief of Staff to the VP of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook and Japheth Omojuwa, African cyberpreneur, public speaker and columnist.

Subomi Plumptre, Head, Corporate and Social Media Practices detailed the findings from the Alder Social Media Report 2014 and provided tips to overcome common challenges users face online going even further to say that: “With Social Media, you can conduct an entire transaction without setting eyes on your provider.” Nollywood Actress and Brand Ambassador, Kate Henshaw’s shared how her experience with one of the Lagos public transport buses and reporting the incident to officials on Twitter led her to discover how operations in the company worked. She concluded by saying: it’s amazing that a simple tweet helped resolve this issue.” 








Kate Henshaw, Nollywood Actress and Brand Ambassador

Panel discussions and questions from the audience also touched on government and non-profit organisations being dependent on public opinion. Strategic Communications Technical Assistant to the Ekiti State Governor, Rosemary Ajayi noted that: “For the first time in Nigeria’s history, Nigerians can engage with their leaders one-on-one via Social Media. Governments must begin to face the reality that they can no longer leave out digital participation in their governance agenda”. Meanwhile, Nnodim Blossom, founder of BLCompere Ltd and Curator of #AdoptATweep made the clarification that; “Social media negates our cash and carry society and we will willingly share not-for-profit content”.








Cross-section of #SMWAlder Panelists

The highlight of the event was an honour roll call and the presentation of the Alder Top Social Media Brands awards to organisations and individual brands that made the most Social Media impact in Nigeria for the 2014 edition.

The event closed with a commitment by Alder to continue its focus on innovating in the Social Media space locally, with a vision to provide a yearly standardised Social Media report not just for Nigeria, but ultimately, for Africa.

The full list of recipients and 5 volumes of the Alder Social Media Report is available at

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The Amazon Called Social Media

I will like to welcome you all to this Alder Social Media Week event. Glad you could make it and thank you for honouring us.

The social media world is a jungle. There are preys and predators, hyenas, jackals, reptiles, snakes, iguanas… It’s a tough world out there. There are arrows flying all over the place, javelins vectoring, dane guns blazing, in sporadic hiccups.

But there are also civilized settlements in this Amazonian forest of opinions, pictures, video clips, emotions and rantings. There are civilized enclaves of conversations, goodwill, advice, hope, and compassion.

What we’ve tried to do with the Alder Social Media Report, the first of its kind, is to bring some order to this zoological community; to categorise the classes of opinion, interactions and people; to identify the lions and other cats – the great influencers. It’s taken a lot to put together but I’m glad that our effort is very much appreciated judging by the reception of the report.

We have also been able to show the corporate world that social media is not what they think it is. It is not an alternative ungovernable universe where loonies rant and rave and everything goes. Social media is the marketplace of ideas. It is a powerful feedback system. It is the bedrock of innovation, the meeting point of the corporation with the individual customer. Wise corporations have turned social media into vehicles of product testing and customer service. A modern corporation ignores social media at its peril.

The Government being dependent on public opinion has not been left out. There are lessons from the Arab Spring. Politicians never being short of opinions themselves have erected barricades in the social media jungle. Political parties have delineated spaces for agenda development. And you know something is powerful about social media when the Pope creates a Twitter account. @Pontifex is not just a social genuflection to the younger generation, it is the facing of reality. And not just the Pope, the world’s most powerful Head of State, President Obama has a Twitter handle. And he’s posted 11,000 tweets. There is of course the risk of the demystification of the office of the Pontiff, or the office of the President, but the greater risk is lack of accessibility beyond officialdom.

Our creative challenge at Alder Consulting, and this is a gauntlet I’m throwing, is how to better adapt social media to citizenship and neighbourliness. How can we better use social media to organize elections in Nigeria? How can we better use social media to solve a societal malaise like rape? How can we better use social media to promote good? How can we better use social media for security? How can we better use social media to promote causes – like gender equality, literacy, sound education policies, to fight the monster of corruption? How can we better use social media to promote a better image for Nigeria? Can we effectively use social media to fight advance fee fraud, aka 419? Can we use social media to stem the spate of wanton killings masquerading as religious righteousness?

This is a challenge not just for Alder Consulting but for everyone.

I’ll like to seize this opportunity to thank the winners in the maiden Alder Social Media Ranking and Report. From the interactions I see on Twitter and Facebook you may need to work hard to keep your crowns next year.

I want to thank our panelists – the affable media personality Adebola Williams, our wonderful Morin Oluwole of Facebook, the opinion pugilist and conscience of society Japheth Omojuwa, our very own delectable, down to earth social crusader, Kate Henshaw; the very Rosemary Ajayi, the talented Nnodim Blossom, and our cerebral and hardworking Subomi Plumptre of Alder Consulting. Thank you for accepting our invitation.

I also want to thank our partners – Social Media Week, Body Lawson Studios, X-to Pro FX and Thank you for your partnership.

This much I assure you. We will continue to innovate in the social media space. Our vision is not just a social media report for Nigeria, but for East, West, Central and Southern Africa. Our penultima is a standardized social media report for Africa. Our ultimate goal is a global report.

I want to thank everyone once more for honouring us with your presence and listenership. Thank you and God bless.


This keynote address was delivered by Leke Alder, Principal of Alder Consulting at Alder Social Media Week event (#SMWAlder) 2014.

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