AlderSMR Conversations: Conversations about Social Media Use and Impact

A Chat with Subomi Plumptre, Member of the Executive Committee at Alder Consulting and Head, Social Media Practice on the Rationale for the Alder Social Media Report (AlderSMR)

Alder Consulting: Thanks for joining us today on AlderSMR Conversations about Social Media Use.

Subomi Plumptre‏: Lovely to be here.

Alder Consulting: You are Head of Social Media Practice at Alder Consulting. What does this entail?

Subomi Plumptre: Just to be clear, I wear about 4 caps at Alder Consulting. Social Media is one of them. I head the corporate practice and the strategy unit and also serve on the Executive Committee where I oversee knowledge & HR.

In my social media role, I develop social media strategy for clients, oversee implementation and also curate the Alder Social Media Report (AlderSMR).

Social media is something I am VERY PASSIONATE about. So you could say I volunteered for the role.

Alder Consulting: Tell us about Alder Social Media Report for Nigeria & the rationale behind it.

Subomi Plumptre: At Alder, we’ve always been intrigued by phenomena that shape culture, economies and society. Social Media qualifies.

Subomi Plumptre: We released the 1st Brand Report in Nigeria in 2001, showing how the wealth of nations was powered by commercial brands. Social media has equally revolutionised society, fostering a culture of “nakedness” & access.

Our Alder Social Media Report (AlderSMR) will track the IMPACT of social media in Nigeria and the main players driving the impact. For example, we will show how social media helps citizens become political campaigners, advocates and journalist.

We’ll showcase how brands are being held to account by customers; how new jobs are being created by bloggers, social media managers and online “activists”.

Alder Consulting: Yes, social media is changing the fortunes of many individuals and brands in Nigeria e.g. #SaveOke and #DanaCrashAction.

Subomi Plumptre: Also, Alder Foundation and Ms. Ifeoma Obinani (Hip Replacement Surgery) is an example of how lives have been saved through crowdsourced donations.

The AlderSMR will also show how elections have become more transparent through citizen monitors armed with mobile phones. All of these form the rationale for the Alder Social Media Report.

Alder Consulting: The Alder Social Media Report features social media articles & analyses as well as a popular ranking. Why a ranking?

Subomi Plumptre:  Why a ranking? Simple. Social media is consumer-led and consumer-driven. Trending topics and memes are driven by consumers. Brands serve CONSUMERS, therefore consumer voices MUST count in determining the top social media brands.

Those are our reasons for including a ranking section in the Alder Social Media Report (AlderSMR).

Alder Consulting: With public polls open to manipulation, what measures were put in place to prevent this for the Alder Social Media Report (AlderSMR)?

Subomi Plumptre:  We put in place an IP lock to discourage repeat votes. We also have independent nominations by an expert panel. The report will be presented in 2 sections: popular & expert rankings. 2 perspectives. 1 robust report.

Alder Consulting: Tell us a little bit about who’s on the Alder Social Media Report (AlderSMR) independent panel & how it works.

Subomi Plumptre‏: The Expert panel comprises Brand, Communication & Media Specialists; Social & Digital Media Specialists and Media Academics.

They include Mo Abudu of EbonyLife TV, Yanju Olomola of Coca-Cola Hellenic, Olumide Amure of Bloomberg TV Africa, Idorenyen Enang of L’Oreal, Ali Baba – a renowned comedian and entrepreneur, Steve Babaeko – a frontline advertising guru, Enitan Denloye of Etisalat Nigeria, Chude Jideonwo of Red Media & The Future Project, Morin Oluwole of Facebook, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade of Google, Gbenga Sesan – an ICT for Development Consultant, Japheth Omojuwa –  an African cyberpreneur & columnist, Kathleen Ndongmo – a humanitarian & social ventures champion, Kingsley Ezeani of Information Nigeria, Nnodim Blossom – an advocate of social media for social good, Chioma Chuka – a social media professional, Dr. Isah Emmanuel Momoh of School of Media & Communication, Pan-Atlantic University and Tomi Oladepo – a PHD digital media researcher.

Subomi ‏ Plumptre: The Alder Social Media Report (AlderSMR) expert panel will INDEPENDENTLY nominate top social media brands for impact on Nigeria, culture & society.

Alder Consulting: It’s been a pleasure speaking to you about the Alder Social Media Report (AlderSMR) for Nigeria. For more details, please visit

Subomi ‏Plumptre: Great to be here. Thanks!

AlderSMR Conversations is a series of QnA sessions between Alder Consulting and people who use social media. During the session, guests explain how they use social media as experts or as individuals whose lives have been impacted by social media.

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