7 Reasons why a Church Should Brand

Alder’s Ecclesiastical Practice developed a cool infographic on 7 reasons why a church should brand.

Our Ecclesiastical Practice is focused on a single mission: To help churches tackle 21st century realities.  The Practice provides trend and issue research to help churches identify the real needs of society. It facilitates strategy and planning sessions. It also offers design, messaging and digital/social media support.

Here are some insights on Church Branding:

  1. Church is mission focused, outward facing and people oriented. Therefore, its brand must be approachable.
  2. A church’s message must be relevant and contemporaneous. Parables and stories can be used to illustrate truth.
  3. Language, culture and technology evolve. A church must therefore adapt its message delivery while retaining the essence.
  4. A church must be a true reflection of the standards and quality of its Principal.
  5. Standards and structure place a demand on accountability within a church.
  6. Branding provides visual and language guides for a church’s social media efforts.
  7. Branding helps a church articulate its message for a global audience via social media.

To see how the elements come together in Church Branding, read a live case study here: http://alderconsulting.com/case_studies/global-impact-church/





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Global Impact Church (GIC): Brand Strategy & New Identity Development

Global Impact Church is a rapidly growing Christian Ministry located in the Lagos metropolis. The church desired a new brand identity to reflect its mission and global positioning and Alder Consulting was asked to help.

The overall objective was to design brand strategies with long term impact on the church’s programmes, processes and structures.

A critical consideration was why a church should undergo a branding programme. The rationale was clear:

  1. A church is a mission focused institution and therefore a market facing entity.
  2. A church must be in tune with the language of its audience to effectively communicate its message. It must be relevant and contemporaneous.
  3. In line with the concept of the “Logos”, a church must represent the excellent standards of its Principal (Jesus Christ) with its inscriptions, external manifestations and visual brand.

Elements of our Branding Programme

  1. Brand strategy development
  2. Visual identity development
  3. Website strategy development
  4. Social media strategy development


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